A premium Co-Living

Property with smart

returns month on month

In 3 years, what would you rather have for 18 Lakhs

KT-Residency, TSPA Junction, Hyderabad


Earn extra SFT month on month without any additional investment


High rental yield post completion


Earn interest on full investment from day one


Minimum yearly earning starting from 9% to 12% returns


Super safe and affordable


Quick capital appreciation


Lifelong returns


Bank loan approvals


A small capital with high gains

Earn back

full capital in just eight years

Three successful projects completed and sold-out

RERA approved P02400001598

How does it work


Till receipt of occupancy certificate earn extra sq. ft month on month which is equivalent to 12% P.A returns on your investment


Post project completion, earn up to 12% returns for early bird investors as rental income on the whole including the extra sq. ft made from your chosen property

Assured 5% rent escalation every five years for 20 years.

KT-Residency vs other properties

One investment, life long returns

KT-Residency Other commercial property Other residential property
Investment cost ₹18* Lakhs + GST ₹80+ Lakhs ₹40+ Lakhs
Returns on investment 9% to 12% (for early bird investors) + ROI (Limited space available) 1.8% to 3.5 Less than 1%
Post project completion
Maintenance staff and payroll Taken care Investors liability Investors liability
Finding tenants Taken care Investors liability Investors liability
Defaulting tenants No risk Investors liability Investors liability
Leasing formalities Taken care for 20 years Investors liability Investors liability
Infrastructure maintenance Taken care Investors liability Investors liability
Location and proximity Proven No Sure! No Sure!

12 super reasons to choose


1. Earn interest on investment from day one

2. Earn full month rental on extra SFT earned

3. Earn capital back in 8 years

4. One-Time investment with life-long returns

5. No risk investment

6. Retirement plan taken care

7. Post project High yield monthly rentals

8. Professionally managed property

9. No property maintenance required

10. Consistent returns

11. Ability to sell investment later when required

12. No need to look after the investment

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