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Frequently asked questions

1. Can KT Residency give me better regular income?

The short answer is yes and KT Residency can give you more with every passing year.

2. Is my investment safe?

Your investment is 100% backed by Kapil Group, the trusted house hold name since 1981.

3. How soon can i start earning returns on my investment?

You can expect returns from day one of your investment date.

4. Do i need to look after my investment?

No, you do not need to look after. Post project completion KT residency will be professionally managed through lease for higher returns and ease of maintenance.

5. Can i sell my investment later?

Yes you can sell.

6. What is the investment size?

Your investment will be 18* lakhs per unit.

7. Can i expect more?

Apart from rent you can also expect capital appreciation and rent escalation.

8. Is there any better alternate?

KT Residency has been designed with a vision to earn maximum potential for your investment.

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